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Staying Organized Can Also Save You Money

Staying Organized Can Also Save You Money

Did you know that the more organized you are the more money you can save?

Of course you’re likely to save more money if you keep your finances organized so you can keep track of your expenses with a household budget.  But did you know that you can save money on other things as well?

For example, if you organize your pantry better and organize a better grocery list, you can be more prepared for your weekly meals and can save money on food.

And if you organize your workbench and tools better, you won’t have to run to Home Depot to buy a tool or screw or component that you already have at home.

Save Money By Staying OrganizedOrganization can save money in many ways.  We found an example from One Frugal Girl as to how being organized helps her save money:

By keeping things neat and orderly I can quickly make note of any products that we may need to stock up on in the near future. I’m a coupon clipper, but not an extreme one. If I find a deal on any products that can be stocked and stored in advance I’ll usually buy one or two. I try to ensure that we have at least one in reserve.

Having a reserve ensures that I never need to run out at the last minute to buy something and I never have to pay full price, because I can wait to restock during the next sale. In fact, following this regimen I haven’t needed to pay full price for anything in years.

I find similar savings by keeping my clothes neat and organized. I have a lot of friends who have piles of clothes in various closets and dressers in their home. They lose track of just how many blouses, dress pants or skirts they own. When they go out shopping they often find themselves buying duplicate items. They put that new pair of brown pants in their closet only to realize that they already own one or two similar pairs. If they aren’t organized in keeping receipts or take the tags off before they realize the error they wind up spending money unnecessarily….

More at How an Organized Home Helps Me Save Money.

This article makes some great points about saving money by being organized.  In general, the more organized you are the easier you can find things, the more efficient you are, the more productive you can be, and all of these lead to saving money.

On top of that, staying organized financially can also have a huge impact on your life.  For example, if you aren’t organized when it comes to collecting your mail and paying your bills, you could easily miss a payment or two from time to time.  This could have a catastrophic effect on your credit and could end up costing you thousands of dollars in higher interest over the years.  While you don’t always see the monetary benefits to being organized, you are probably still saving money just because of your good habits.

For those of you that are already very organized people – Keep Up the Good Work!  To the rest of us – Let’s Work On Our Organization!

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