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More Ways to Save Money on Gas

More Ways to Save Money on Gas

I guess I just can’t stop thinking about how much gas costs these days, and why it’s more important than ever to find new and creative ways to save money on gas.

There are a few approaches you can take to save gas.  Some involve short term and some involve long term decisions.

Use Short Term and Long Term Techniques to Save on GasIn the short term, you can do the obvious things like drive less, walk and bike more, and use carpools and public transportation.  Another way to reduce gas useage in the short term is to make your current car get better mileage.  We found an article from another blog that gives some example of how to improve the mileage of your current car:

Step 1-Maintain proper air levels in all tires. Low pressure tires make your car work harder, but do not over inflate your tires.

Step 2-Empty your car of all unnecessary stuff. A lighter car will increase mpg.

Step 3-Keep your wheels properly aligned.

Step 4-Rotate your tires at the proper intervals.

Step 5-Don’t accelerate too quickly. Romping on the gas like that can really use up the gasoline.

Step 6-Let your car break itself. Coast to the next stop light when you can see you will have to stop anyway.

Step 7-Use cruise control.

Step 8-Don’t use the AC as much.

Step 9- Improve mpg by slowing down. In general, the faster you go, the lower your fuel economy becomes.

Step 10-If you drive a truck put the end gate down, or even take it off altogether. With the tail gate up, more drag is created causing the truck to work harder.

Step 11-Make sure you have a clean air filter.

Step 12-Avoid excessive idling….

Find out more about saving money on gas at Improve MPG, Ways to Increase Gas Mileage.

These are some thoughtful and creative ways to reduce fuel consumption in the short term.  We also found some good short term tips to save on gas at the AARP blog, which says:

Click It:  After filling your tank, always make sure you tighten the gas cap until it “clicks.” Otherwise you’ll be losing gas out of the tank through evaporation– and gasoline evaporates quickly.  In fact, a missing or poorly fitting cap can reduce overall fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent.  That’s serious money disappearing into thin air.

Keep It Cool: Depending on your car’s design, using the air conditioner reduces fuel economy by anywhere from 3 to 10 percent, but that can jump to as high as 20 percent when you crank it up on really hot days.  Rolling down the windows instead of using the AC seems to be a simple alternative, but there’s a catch:  According to a study by the Society of Automotive Engineers, at normal open highway speeds, driving with the windows rolled down on many vehicles creates enough additional wind resistance to more than offset the fuel saved by not using the AC. So the general rule is, roll down the windows when driving around town and at slow speeds, but keep them rolled up and use the AC when you’re cruising down the highway. Also, park in the shade whenever possible and get one of those windshield “sun shades” so that your car won’t get so hot inside and require you to blast the AC when you start it up.  You’ll save money, and the Earth’s resources.

Turn It Upside Down:  It’s probably only going to get you an extra ounce or two of gas, but once you’ve filled your tank and the pump has finally shut off, always turn the pump handle 180 degrees (upside down) while it’s still inserted in the tank. Particularly on older model pumps, there’s a smidgeon more of extra gas – which you’ve paid for! – trapped in nozzle of the handle that otherwise won’t end up in your tank. Yeah, sure, it’s only a few extra drops, but at today’s gas prices that’s like not finishing your glass of milk.

Again, these are some good tips.  Read the entire article here.

Now, let’s look at the ways to reduce consumption in the long term.

First, plan in advance.  Next time you move find a place that you won’t need to drive as much.  It would be nice if you could live in a location that you can walk to work or take public transportation.  Not only could you save a lot of driving, but you may also be able to sell one of your cars and save on car payments and insurance.

Also, think long and hard about any new car purchases.  While it may not make sense to trade in your car today for a car that gets better mileage, you should consider this when it’s time to buy your next car.  Consider hybrids but make sure you do the math to see if you will really save money when you consider the higher cost of the car as well as the extra costs associated with having batteries in your car.

We hope you’ve found these gas saving tips helpful.

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  • Edog April 6, 2012, 5:11 pm

    All good tips. I was aware of some and learned some new ones. Thanks.

  • keith jones September 23, 2012, 2:39 am

    thanks for the good ideas on saving gas – the best one I can add to the list is to have a lighter foot on the gas pedal – here in Ireland cars with lower fuel consumptio used to be taxed for car tax at a lower rate – until the government fund they were losing income by people swapping for smaller cars


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