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How to Save Money With Used Appliances

How to Save Money With Used Appliances

Kitchen appliances are a big expense for almost any household.  Luckily, kitchens are the most remodeled room in the house, so if you are on a budget and need to save money buying your appliances, there are lots of sources to get used appliances on the cheap.

The key to finding used appliances is to locate appliances that are in the best condition.  You can do this several ways, but the best way is to find a company that deals directly with the customers.  Most people that buy new appliances simply have the old one’s hauled off.  Especially wealthy people that don’t have the time to try to resell the items themselves.

Start by Finding Someone on the Inside

save with used appliancesThe best way to get high quality used appliances is to find someone that works with the people that are buying new appliances.  For example, Best Buy hauls off a lot of old appliances.  You can get in touch with their delivery guys and ask them to call you when they find some nice ones.  A better source may be to find a high end remodeling contractor (or several), and ask them to call you when they haul off any nice appliances.  Some of these companies sell them to other stores or charities.  Ask them where you can find the used appliances.  Some appliance stores resell their own trade ins.  Depending on your area, there are lots of different sources that you can search to help you find what you are looking for.

Check Classifieds like Craigslist

When we upgraded our appliances, we sold them on craigslist.  We sold a $1,400 fridge for $250.  It was about six years old but was in like new condition.  Our stove went for $100 and our dishwasher we gave to our parents for $150 (it was only two years old).  As you can see, craigslist and other classifieds are a good way to find used appliances.  Sometimes the prices are great and sometimes the sellers have prices that are completely unreasonable for used appliances.  Do your research before you buy.  While you are checking craigslist, go to a freecycling site also.  Our local area has a freecycle site where people list things that are in working order but that are free for the taking.  The appliances are typically lower end, but you can get an even better deal – free.

Go Right to the Source

If you are brave and determined, you can go right to the source for new appliances.  Just walk or drive around nice neighborhoods and when you see the start of a remodel, stop in and ask the owners or contractors about the appliances.  Or, you could leave them a note to call or email you.  This method takes some work, but could lead to some pretty nice appliances.

Well, those are our ideas on how to score some excellent appliances for cheap, here’s what others are saying.

What Others On the Web Are Saying About Buying Used Appliances

As part of our quest to provide valuable information from many different minds, we like to search around and find what other frugality experts say about each topic.  Here is what we found when learning about buying used appliances.

Catherine Woods at Yahoo Voices discussed how to find used or inexpensive appliances by looking in the following places:

Find a Surplus

If buying used appliances bothers you or you don’t have much success at it, look for a surplus store in your area. Surplus stores offer a small selection of new appliances for less than the large home improvement stores will charge. Though the exact appliance you wanted will likely not be there, something similar and just as good will likely be available. So take a look at these money saving stores before you move on to the big box retailers.

Scratch and Dent

Floor model appliances, also known as scratch and dent models, can save you a few hundred dollars if you can find one that works for you. These appliances are great money savers because they are in perfect working condition but since they have a few small flaws they are marked down. Just make sure that the appliance is still covered under the manufactures warranty before you buy it.

You can read the rest of this article at how to save money on kitchen appliances.  Personally, we’ve bought the scratch and dent items from multiple appliance centers.  Some of the larger one’s have an entire showroom of returned or dented merchandise that is great for picking up a good deal.

Douglas on Hubpages had the following advice about where to find used appliances:

4:  Garage sales can be good places to find used appliances.  Since the seller may well be acquainted with you, he should be interested in appraising you about performance.

5:  Flea markets are another source for used appliances.  Frequently these sales occur only once a month and the sellers are not available between sale dates; you probably need to do ready to transport anything you buy.

The article goes on to discuss how to make sure you get a good appliance.  You can find the article at how to buy a used appliance.  While I’ve never been to a flea market, I actually haven’t seen appliances like these at a garage sale before.

Do you have any ideas or advice about getting good deals on appliances that you care to share?

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  • Patricia Coldiron May 20, 2012, 6:03 pm

    We buy our washers and dryers from used appliance stores, get a much lower price, and they work just as well as the new ones. There are also good buys at flea markets and garage sales. Friends who upgrade, and who don’t want to pay to have old appliances hauled away, may offer them to you.

  • Used Appliances Dallas June 5, 2012, 4:35 pm

    Sometimes you can search online and find companies that recondition used appliances to work and look like new.

  • Happyflowerlady June 30, 2013, 1:18 am

    I have found some good used appliances at thrift stores, and even at a yard sale. When the yard sale is in a nice neighborhood, that is often when you find the best deals, not only on appliances, but on just about everything.
    The people that have enough money to just buy new appliances, usually don’t want to try and get the best price for something, they just want it sold and gone, and if it doesn’t sell, then they may donate it to a thrift store. Either way, you can sometimes get a much nicer appliance cheaper than usual.


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