How to Deal With Money Stress

by Chris on May 19, 2012

Many things can add to your overall stress, but money stress is a very serious problem for many of us.  While money doesn’t buy you happiness, the lack of it can be quite difficult to deal with.  Especially if you find yourself falling further and further behind each month.

Assuming you are making the right financial choices, it should only be a matter of time before you get back on track.  Until then, there are some things you can do to help deal with your financial stress.

Fight Back.  Start by fighting back.  That’s right, do something to help your situation.  Maybe you need to create a budget, find lifestyle changes that can save you money, or get a second job.  Even if it doesn’t make a huge difference, doing something at all will at least give you a little hope and make you feel like you’re at least doing something to help your situation.

Exercise.  A little excercise can really reduce stress.  It gives your body something else to focus on and directs your energy to something productive.  Even going for a simple walk can literally help clear your head and reduce the stress.

Get Some Sleep.  Cut your day short and get a good night’s sleep.  Sometimes a new day and some good rest can really change your perspective.  It won’t get rid of your money problems, but it will definitely help you deal with them if you are well rested and thinking clearly.

Keep Busy.  What better way to stop thinking about something than to do something else?  Okay, sounds confusing when I put it that way, but keeping busy can keep your mind off of your troubles and help reduce the stress too.

Gain Perspective.  Remember, you’re worried about money.  Luckily, it’s only money.  In the grand scheme of things, money is not the most important thing in the world and remember that millions of people in the world get by with very little money.  Gain some perspective by focusing on more important issues like your friends and family.

Don’t Be Too Proud.  If you’re money problems are because you can’t find a job, then it’s important to not be too proud.  Don’t see jobs as “below you”, but rather as a stepping stone to something better.  It’s okay to take a job that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.  And many of these jobs can lead to much better jobs if you can perform well at them.  Besides, getting any type of paycheck can help solve your money related anxiety.

Get Help.  If nothing else works, get some help.  Start by getting advice from your family and friends and then turn to professionals.  Hopefully you can find a not-for-profit counseling service to help you come up with a plan and a solution to your problem.  If not, you may need to pay someone for help, but make sure you research that person to make sure they are legitimate.  There are thousands and thousands of people out there that take advantage of desperate people with money problems.

Hopefully these tips can help you deal with your money stress.  Have any other ideas to share?  Leave us a comment.

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