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Get Our Free Printable Budget Worksheet

Get Our Free Printable Budget Worksheet

When it comes to budgeting not everyone wants to use a fancy software program or even a spreadsheet.  Some people still prefer making their budget on paper.  That’s why we’ve created a printable budget worksheet that can be downloaded for free and printed off to make your personal or family budget.

Our design is simple.  It uses mostly the same income and expense categories as our household budget spreadsheet, however, we have taken the time to format it and convert it to a PDF file so that it can be printed off on any computer and it will look the same.

How to Use The Printable Budget

You can still budget on paper

Using this budget worksheet is easy.  Simply click on the link below and it will open the worksheet in a new window.  If you prefer to save it to your computer you can do so after you open it, or you can right click on the download link and select “save target as” (or something similar depending on your operating system and browser).

Once you’ve got a copy of the sheet you can print it off from any computer.  After that, the directions are easy.  You just collect and fill in your expenses under each category.  It’s a monthly budget worksheet so you can use it to enter your expenses for each month of the year.  You’ll have to keep a running total of your expenses so that you can summarize the expenses with multiple transactions during the month.

When all of your income and expenses are entered, you’ll have to use a calculator to sum up each category.  The categories that you’ll need to total are the income, necessary expenses and discretionary expenses.  Then, you’ll need to take your total income and subtract the two categories of expenses.  This will give you your net budget amount.  There is a row for this calculation on the sheet.  A positive number means that you have money to save for that month and a negative number means that you are going further into debt.

For the money you have left to save, there are some rows that account for investing this money.  For example, if you have money automatically put into your 401k this does not count against your budget.  Savings and investments are treated separately.

Once you’ve finished entering your information for one month, it pays to take a look at the outcome to see where improvements can be made for the next month.  Following this process month in and month out can really make a difference in your wealth.

Now, that you have instructions, it’s time to download the worksheet.  Here is the link:

Click Here to Download the Budget Worksheet PDF File

We hope you enjoy using this sheet.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave us a comment.

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