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Free Things to Do With Your Kids

Free Things to Do With Your Kids

When looking to save money, it’s important to spend most of your time doing free stuff.  Especially if you have kids and need to keep them entertained and keep your pocketbook full.  Luckily, there are thousands of things you can do for free with your kids that can save you money and entertain you and your kids.

Although we have a lot of ideas of our own, we found another good post on this topic from digitalreflections.  Here are just a few examples of the one hundred free things to do with kids that they suggested:

Save Money By Doing Free Things With Your Kids6.  Play in the water – but aside from the everyday play in the sprinkler, kiddie pool – make games with the water – use the water with paint brushes and paint the fence (it dries clear, lol)…put coloring in the water and stretch paper across a fence – fill water guns with this colored water and then they are really painting with water colors.

7.  Build a fort, go to nearby woods, gather sticks, broken branches, etc. build a fort, or house this will provide days worth of enjoyment both in the gathering/building/playing inside.

8. Take a nature walk.. take along a journal, let the kids bring cameras, then go home, identify everything your photographed, create a nature book.  Thats a whole nother days activities (paper, photos, glue, scissors, notebook) this is especially good saved for a rainy day.

9.  Take an  “Alphabet tour”… again camera(s) in hand, journals – letter guides for younger kids – drive to town/city – begin with the letter a (Apple street) b (building) c (colosseum) d(dairy queen) e(eatery) you get the drift – when you are done – each child has a personal and creative alphabet memory book.

Find the rest of this article at: 100 Free Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer.

These are some good ideas.  Here are some of the free things we do with our kids to save money:

  • Go to a public beach
  • Have picnics at local parks
  • Visit local botanical gardens
  • Hike in nature reserves and state parks
  • Fish at a children’s trout pond
  • Visit the city zoo (ours is free)
  • Walk on State Street downtown (vehicle free street with shops and restaurants)
  • Visit a farmers market
  • Go to the local festivals
  • Attend the free outdoor concerts
  • Sign up for city sports leagues
  • Spend a lot of time at the library, including borrowing CDs, DVDs and books
  • Ride on one of the hundreds of local bike paths

While this list isn’t that creative or exhausting, it’s a good start for you to start brainstorming on your own.  If you have any good ideas for free things to do with your kids, please leave us a comment below.

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  • andrew320 May 28, 2012, 1:26 pm

    I don’t have any kids and probably won’t have any. But if we do decide have a child then I will take him or her to places that affordable or free, such as a bookstore, parks and our favourite coffee shop in Toronto (Tim Hortons at Bay and Bloor). We’ve always hoped the kid would be quiet, respectful and not a person to want everything he or she sees.

    I never asked for anything, why can’t he or she?


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