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About Budget Ways

Chris Snelling

After our income dropped substantially a few years ago, our family has been falling behind on our budget each month.  Luckily, we had money saved but we have been borrowing from our future each month to pay for everyday expenses.

Since that time, we’ve made some lifestyle changes to start cutting our costs on everyday items.  For example, we sold our second car and get by with just a single car with a family of four.  We make much less expensive trips to the grocery stores, and we have all but given up on going out to eat.  While we are still working on our quest to cut our expenses even further, we are constantly in search of good ideas to save money and cut costs further.

Update:  I am back in the working force after being self employed for over 8 years.  I am working as a senior financial analyst at a fitness equipment manufacturer.  However, my pay isn’t that great and I am still looking for ways to save money.  Keep visiting our blog to learn more ways to save on everyday things.

Garth Beyer

Garth BeyerFinancial independence is tough, but well worth it. I’ve spent years researching, testing, and proving my own budget ways to manage money. I’ve been financially independent since I moved out at 18. I’ve invested in stocks, bonds, CD’s, and even ran a couple small businesses. Not to mention, I’ve managed to go without a credit card so far in life and have $0 debt. This would not be possible without my knack for money management. It fills me with joy to be able to share tips, tricks, and how-to’s with you to do it all.

I’m currently attending UW Madison full-time while working a State job 40 hours a week. But that’s not all; I’m also a freelance writer, frequent participator in Toastmasters, and athlete. And yet, I still make time for money management. Just remember, have fun with it!

You can read more about what Garth has to say at GarthBox.com.