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Choosing the Right Budget Worksheet

Choosing the Right Budget Worksheet

Now that our site has grown and we have released several free budget worksheets, let’s take a moment and summarize each sheet so that you can easily find the one that can benefit you the most.  As of today, here are the budget spreadsheets available for download.

Household Budget Worksheet

This spreadsheet is the most versatile.  It has two columns that represent monthly and annual expenses. Because annual expenses are not handled well in most budgets, this budget template let’s you input all of your monthly expenses and annual expenses.  It then allocates your annual expenses to each month and your monthly expenses to an annual figure.  This is the most basic yet comprehensive of the templates.  It can be used to create a hypothetical budget that you can use to measure your spending against.  Also, you can easily modify this spreadsheet and customize it to your needs.  For example, you can change the budget categories to your personal needs and also copy the columns for each month you want to track your expenses.

Family Budget Worksheet

choosing a budget templateIf you are looking to make a budget that allocates expenses to each family member, then this budget is for you.  This template allows you to customize it for each family member, and for the specific expenses you want to allocate to each family member.  Because most household expenses don’t apply to a single person, this type of budget is not comprehensive.  However, if you have a large family, or want to ensure that you spend fairly for each person, this is a great way to do it.

Monthly Budget Worksheet

For those that want to track actual expenses month after month, this monthly budget template is for you.  It comes pre-loaded with most of the expense categories you’ll need, but can easily be customized to your personal or family expenses.  There is a column for each month so that you can enter your actual expenses each month and use the spreadsheet to compare one month to the next.  That way you can identify where your spending is higher than it should be, and make appropriate changes to help reign in your budget and hopefully save more money.

Checking Worksheet

If you’re looking to get your finances in order, this checking worksheet is a great way to do it.  It explains (with video) how to make a checking spreadsheet that will not only help you keep your finances organized, but that can easily be turned into a simple budget summary each month by creating a pivot table.  Even if you don’t want to make an extensive budget, this is a great way to help track your spending.

Printable Budget Worksheet

If you are old school and like to actually fill in your budget on a sheet of paper, then this printable budget worksheet is for you.  It comes as a PDF file that can easily be printed and filled in by hand.



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