How to Quickly Finance a Foreclosure

by Chris on April 16, 2015

It’s never a good thing when there are lots of foreclosures hitting the market. It means people are losing their homes and that the economy is likely in the dumps. However, where there’s misfortune sometimes a fortune can be made. I’ve had several friends invest in foreclosures and discovered that there are more ways than […]


Six Common Budget Mistakes

by Chris on January 24, 2015

American culture is inextricably tied with capitalism, materialism and debt. It seems that no matter how hard individuals and households try to save money and manage their finances well, financial security is elusive to most. Seventy-seven percent of American adults surveyed said that they are “always trying to save money,” yet out of the 47% […]


Help For Shopaholics

by Chris on October 18, 2014

Do you suffer from oniomania? The term comes from the Greek words onios and mania, meaning “for sale” and “insanity” respectively. The condition is better known as compulsive buying or being a “shopaholic.” Almost everyone overspends occasionally or buys on impulse, but for many the spending is truly out of control, ruining their financial health […]


Common Trust Deed Questions

by Chris on June 26, 2014

One of my friends was telling me about a unique debt solution that is used to help debt burdened citizens in Scotland.  I started doing some research to help answer some of my Scottish trust deed questions.  Here are some of the answers I came up with.  If I’m wrong or have missed something, feel […]


Why Government Budgeting is a Joke

by Chris on October 3, 2013

Government budgeting is a joke!  Now that the latest government shutdown is taking place and everyone is up in arms, it seems like an appropriate time to share a few thoughts about how ridiculous government budgeting has become. For starters, no matter which side of the political divide you’re on, you probably agree that Washington […]


Methods Of Saving For College Early On

by Chris on August 28, 2013

If you’re already worried about paying for college while you’re still buying diapers, there’s help for that. You can start saving now, and you can do more than putting your change in a jar with clip art of a mortarboard taped to it. Here are a few ways to get started now. Use a 529 […]


5 Reasons to Start a Budget

by Chris on July 24, 2013

The term budget can send a chill down the spine of the average consumer. We like to think that our paychecks will accommodate our basic needs as well as our hobbies and personal interests. This belief runs hard against the realities of a slow economy where people have to work multiple jobs just to stay […]


How I Budget at My Business

by Chris on June 20, 2013

For those of you that don’t know me, I have been working as a financial analyst for the past year.  I am working at a $250 million fitness equipment manufacturer, and as part of my job I am responsible for creating a massive budget that is used to hold all departments accountable for their spending […]


How to Budget for the Holidays

by Chris on April 26, 2013

Many people struggle with how much money to spend during the holidays.  Making a holiday or Christmas budget is a great way to help you control costs during these times.  What people don’t understand is that a holiday budget includes much more than just presents.  Let’s take a closer look at the things you should […]


25 Ways to Save Money

by Chris on April 10, 2013

In difficult economic times, we all spend considerable time figuring out how to make our paychecks last longer without giving up essentials. Earning additional money can be difficult when part-time jobs are unavailable and temporary positions are too fleeting for reliable earnings. Your family can develop a checklist of 25 methods of saving money that […]


Get That Discount: How To Negotiate A Sale

March 27, 2013

If you get sticker shock from something you want but can’t afford, think again. Many prices are negotiable given the right setting, and you may be able to get what you want for less. Just Ask Many people feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about it, but negotiating a price really benefits both parties. A salesperson would […]

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Save Money By Doing It Your Self

March 5, 2013

To Do It Yourself Or Not To Do It Yourself? Are you a do-it-yourself type? Do you aspire to be? With the increased specialization of labor in today’s workforce, the character of the jack-of-all-trades handyman is disappearing. You may want to save money on a job by doing it yourself, but is it always cheaper? […]

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Eight Everyday Items Worth The Extra Dollar

February 13, 2013

The classic conundrum: when shopping, do you seek to spend or search for savings? Is it always true that “you get what you pay for”? While you can sometimes find a great product for a lower price, often a lower price means less durability, reliability and value. There are three basic rules of thumb for […]

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How To Save Money With Cheap Car Insurance

February 4, 2013

While state minimum car insurance may not be enough for every driver, auto insurance companies can provide cheap car insurance for drivers on tight budgets looking for affordable premiums. All 50 states have financial responsibility laws that require every driver to have a minimum amount of car insurance and provide proof of insurance as well. […]

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7 Things You’re Paying Too Much For

January 14, 2013

If you’re tired of your monthly bank account balance vanishing into oblivion faster than you can say “Pay Day,” take a look at these common expenses many Americans are paying way too much for. You might be able to cut your spending by taking a few simple actions. Coffee If you just can’t start the […]

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Cutting Costs Of Groceries While Still Eating Well

January 11, 2013

When families try to save money, they usually turn to cutting discretionary spending first. No more dinners out, nights at the movie theater or shopping sprees at the mall. However, most overlook a potential source of significant savings: the grocery bill. Slashing the food budget sounds like a painful task for those in the most […]

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5 Ways to Immediately Lower Your Energy Costs

December 19, 2012

Of all the things you pay for each month, it’s a good bet your energy bills take up the lion’s share after your rent or mortgage. Whenever you’re tightening your budgetary belt, thinking about ways to decrease your energy use is a particularly useful and painless tactic for limiting your expenses. The first thing to […]

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Two Different Ways To Start And Stick To A Budget

December 9, 2012

Gel pens?  A secret code?  Paper cut-out letters?  These are some unique ways in which you can write a budget.   Actually creating a budget, however, is a whole different ballgame.  There are a lot of different factors involved, perhaps the most important being that you want to write a budget you can actually stick to […]

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Top Items To Buy Used

November 28, 2012

Many stores claim to “eliminate the middleman” implying that one less retail markup means big savings for you, the customer. However, you can eliminate the retail markup and then some by buying used. You can feel good about saving the environment too by keeping still-useful items out of landfills and buying fewer new products. Here […]

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First Three Bills You Should Cut

November 15, 2012

The basis of a budget is elementary: spend less than you earn. Spending can be divided into two types. Fixed costs are those that must be paid every month, the same amount or approximately the same. Variable costs are just that, unpredictable and varying from month to month. However, some of your bills might not […]

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Practice Mind Over Money

November 10, 2012

If you are surprised by the numbers when your credit card bill arrives or can never figure out why you can’t keep cash in your wallet, you probably spend without really thinking about it. Maybe you’re often rushed, distracted or forgetful when you spend money. Such a habit takes time to break, but you can […]

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Before You Budget

October 30, 2012

Budget, budget, budget. It’s the magic word these days. It seems everyone is making one, balancing one or blowing one. If you’re preparing to make your budget, you’re probably eager to get started, but don’t let your early motivation fade and leave the job half-done like an overly ambitious home improvement project. Be prepared for […]

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